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By Ryan S. Clark


LANSING -— Irita Guerrero tried to view the photos

posted on Facebook of a young man with a gunshot wound

to his head as if it was something she’d seen in a movie.


But she knew the photos were real. And she knew

they showed her son, Christopher Michael Goins.


Goins, 21, was shot early Sunday morning in the parking lot

at the Centerfold Night Club at 5910 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

in Lansing. He died later Sunday.


“Whatever he looks like I am going to see him,” Guerrero said.

“People think it is going to spoil your image of him. Whenever I look in the mirror, I see him because my son looks like me.”


Guerrero's daughter found the photos of Goins on Facebook. They were posted shortly after he had been shot, Irita Guerrero said. She added that she does not know who took the pictures.


Police have made no arrests and say an investigation is ongoing.


Goins’ autopsy was performed Sunday afternoon and his body was released to his family on Tuesday afternoon and was taken to a funeral home. Tuesday evening was the first time Guerrero had an opportunity to see her son since the shooting. They last spoke Friday. Guerrero said she was not able to see her son at the hospital.


“We were at the hospital for hours and hours and we had to wait,” she recalled. “We never did get to see my son. This evening, we’ll be able to see him for the first time.”


“I was just hoping they did not mess his handsome face up too much,” Guerrero said before visiting her son’s body. “But I have to see him. I don’t care what he looks like.”


Guerrero described her son as a slender yet tall young man with intelligence. She had him IQ tested as a youth and he scored into the 130s. He also had the drive to go with the intelligence, she said.


Goins was in the process of starting his own home restoration business, she said.

Lansing homicide victim's mother recalls son as smart, driven

News  |  June 19, 2013  |  Page 3A

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