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By Ryan S. Clark


The Fargodome might be this big, cavernous place that holds nearly 20,000 people, but for three North Dakota State University football players, it was no different than their dorm room.


Quarterback Brock Jensen, receiver Warren Holloway and running back D.J. McNorton are all roommates, and by living together, the three have come to rely on one another. That was the case Saturday when Jensen bounced back from a sprained shoulder last week to throw for a school playoff record 229 passing yards in a 43-17 win over Robert Morris.


“Brock, he’s like a freak of nature,” McNorton said. “He’s able to come back from a broken collarbone earlier in the year. That was like a month ago, he sprains he shoulder and now he does this. He’s a freak.”


Jensen’s performance ended strong but it was rough to open the game. He showed off his strong arm but at times his passes were taller than his receivers.


Then there were some that just went through his receivers arms.


Jensen said he didn’t get frustrated because he had McNorton and Holloway keeping him confident.


“I think he felt a little rushed in the first half,” said Holloway, who caught five balls for 62 yards and a touchdown. “But in that second half, he didn’t rush himself and was able to make those throws.”


Did he ever when he found Holloway wide open in the third for a 32-yard touchdown pass giving the Bison a 13-7 lead.


He then spread the wealth to his other roommate. Jensen threw his second touchdown to McNorton off the screen.


The speedy Houstonian broke it for 49 yards giving NDSU a 20-7 lead.


“The screen is something has been working well for us all year,” Jensen said. “It was just a matter of time before we called it and it was the right time.”


The screen pass along with Jensen’s other touchdown pass was the right time for a variety of things.


It awoke a sluggish Bison offense that was held scoreless last week in a 3-0 loss at Missouri State.


Furthermore, it gave Jensen some confidence and who better to gain confidence from than the two people on the team that know him best.


The trio said living together has made their relationship stronger on and off the field. It’s just that the only difference between their dorm room and the Fargodome is one holds a few more people.


Oh yeah. Then there’s breaking that school record which had been 206 yards going back to 1969.


“I had no idea Brock set a record,” Holloway said. “Back then, I don’t think they threw as much as we do now, but it’s good for Brock to have that record.”


Jensen finished the night by going 10-for-24 with two touchdowns and an interception to go along with the 229 passing yards.


Talking about the record was nice, but then McNorton was asked a question that made his grin even bigger.


Will Jensen be buying his roommates dinner sometime soon? “Yeah, that’d be nice,” McNorton said with a laugh. “Where would we like to go? I don’t know. We should let him choose.”

Trio of roomates come up big for Bison in victory

Sports  |  Nov. 28, 2010  |  Page D7

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